State your intentions, Muse. I know you're there.
Dear bards who pined for you have said
You're bright as a fame, fickle as air.
My pen and I , submerged in liquid shade,
Much dark can spread, on daysand over reams
But without you, no radiance can shed.
Why rustle in the dark, when fledged with fire?
Craze the night with flails of light. Reave
Your turbid shroud. Bestow what I require

But you're not in the dark. I do believe
I swim, like squid, in clouds of my own make,
To you, offensive. To us both, opaque.
What's constituted so, only a pen
Can penetrate, I have one here;let's go


~ by iconoplastic on March 31, 2006.

3 Responses to “Quicksilver”

  1. hey cherie lady
    like the new blog template.
    and the new poems as well.

  2. hello!!.. thanks for dropping in…this borrowed…Invocation – Quicksilver(Neal Stephenson)

  3. Excellent book. Finished yet?

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