Do be do be do

Unforgivable tedium. Hysterical pace at work usually leads to nano-seconds of breathing time in between superfluous caffeine breaks. Now even that luxury has been duly forfeited in order to champion the recurrent detox theme coloring my life these days. The North Tower v/s South Tower divide is getting clearer and sharper. But, bitches will be bitches or as a work-friend pointed out, "bitch-types will be bitch types". A quick and redundant rundown of the  recent Days in Our lives – discounted dinners, loathsome linguistics and capricious colleagues, retarded forwards from over-caffeinated jokers in Boston. Haha, very funny, now quit it!

I have precious little to blog about and even lesser time to do it in. I might as well condescend to pasting borrowed wisdom/poetry/art and pretend intelligence. The fact remains, that elusive witen is now the Greta Garbo of missing attributes that I ‘d so like to revel in. In retrospect, I think I have often confused my intermittent drollness for actual satire. The troupe of nimble-witted(ahem) otters surrounding me, doesn’t offer must respite or hope either.At today's work huddle I might raise the eloquent point of  how offering lithium with performance bonus that might elevate our team performance to the same altitude as Sears Towers. That, provided I make it to through the next 6.5 hrs without disintegrating, not unlike those cartoon kltuzes from looney toons I ve been overdosing on post work. We will see. C’est la vie. Meanwhile, since misery loves company, welcome to the world of Bathroom Graffiti!

To do is to be. – Descartes

To be is to do. – Voltaire ………………………………
Do be do be do. – Frank Sinatra  

That I believe, my dears, is the most scholary sort of inspiration you are ever likely to chance upon and precisely why Frankie is da Gawfadda!


~ by iconoplastic on March 29, 2006.

4 Responses to “Do be do be do”

  1. Said so the High Priestess of biting wit!
    Trust you to be this merciless in your boredom too, I absolutely pity the workfolks. How many movies have been forced to watch?

  2. Ides of March…here here…heehee
    : )

  3. Umm… I think Nietzsche is a better choice for ‘To be is to do.’ But you should do as you see fit.

  4. who art thou?

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