Being Idle- Part 2

Ahoy mi hearties! 

The weekend has inflicted an unsurpassable torpid slumber on any shreds of inventiveness I might originally possess (I acutely doubt this, though) so this immediate post contains none of my nifty/usual luster. Ahem! Anyway, write we should and we must so I shall delineate in the most boring manner possible my mis-adventures that lead to the conclusion of the week that was. Perishing most/any prudent thoughts, I descended upon a movie theatre to watch an Indian comedy from the noire cadre. “Being Cyrus” is on the verge of Being funny. Carefully stressing “on the verge”.  An entire review for the movie awaits a more enthusiastic and less perplexed morning, unlike this current one. Dejection over the lack of a real-time (these ultra-corporate terms can be blamed on asinine team huddles at work) love life has been steadily overcome by the erudite company of some fine men. Namely – Albert Camus, Neal Stephenson, Franz Kafka and a certain Bard. Yes, I know it’s a terrible sort of romanticism for my way of life(lessness) but I preserve  “measure for measure”. Oh! Yes, in consideration for a theatrical adaptation of Plath’s “Three Women”- under the impossible tutelage of an overtly aesthetic gay man. Ah! the clichés we span! However, this does reduce the ah-noo-ee by the skin of my currently cluttering teeth. Excited, I would feel, but the AC only allows two different kinds of emotions- cold and colder.  Meanwhile, in a would-have-been-so-ironical-if-not-so-horrific plug, “Better of Undead” didn’t exactly stand testament to its moniker. The Rave at Seattle was selected by 28 yr old Aaron Hutt to demonstrate open-air target practice and now 6 people are dead. Tragic. Expect new and futile debates about youth-culture and frothing-at-mouths parents across all media. I wish for them to first analyze and then argue the root cause/s of such rampant dysfunction and avoid any convoluted vilification, from drugs to Descartes and what have you. Pointless. 

Overheard in Bombay 

Pink Girl1: *positively molesting a fuchsia baguette* It shoooo cuteeee What do you think?  Pink Girl2: Ah, err….Hmmm 

10 minutes of eternity   

 Pink Girl2: Its shooooo cute. 

Root-canalling untailored scrutiny. 

p.s: Server Blues. Bee-uhr with me plaze!


~ by iconoplastic on March 28, 2006.

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