A sudden monotonous coy appearance of the author, for instance, everyone was merry, but one was there who was not merry, or there comes one Herr Stern (whom we already know down to his novelistic bones). There is something similar in Hamsun also, but there it is as natural as the knots in wood, here instead it drips into the plot like a fashionable medicine over sugar. – It gets stuck without reason at strange turns, such as, he was painstaking over her hair, painstaking and again painstaking. – Individual people are, without being brought into a new light, well brought out, so well that even occasional errors do no harm. Minor characters mostly hopeless.

Franz Kafka

14 January 1911

His observation of “Married People” by Beradt.


~ by iconoplastic on March 25, 2006.

2 Responses to “Concurrence”

  1. You left Xanga!!! And just as I was getting back from SE Asia… alas.
    I’ll still be reading though.

  2. ello ello..How goeth it?
    South East Asia..wouldnt that include India as well?
    I be delighted at that prospect@still be reading

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