Gloria Steinem is dead

…well, not really but I just might want to bypass her entirely for my dexterous(I am capable of such anomalies, much to my own chagrin)research work on feminism. Cliched congregation that we have come to be. And lets not omit any thanks to beloved Carolyn Heilburn and all that education. Currently We are scrutinizing the gynocentric multiplicity. Primarily coz it sounds like a smart term to fling at some unsuspecting cad. Yeah baby, I am a meanass egalitarian! Meanwhile, Alice Walker seems more a feminist and less a celebrity(a distinction so elementary for third-worlders like us) vis-a-vis Miss Steinem so she deserves more webspace than usually allotted to ethnocentric words of disquiet. Also, didcha know Gloria was married to Batman’s dad . Holy BatStepMother that!  


~ by iconoplastic on March 24, 2006.

4 Responses to “Gloria Steinem is dead”

  1. Oh you freak of nature@meanass egalitarian.
    Mauzenraaf would die if he ever read this!

  2. hee haw 🙂

  3. Stumbled here by default. Sure like what you write. Flair and stuff. An important question….are you a writer ?


  4. hee……i don’t think i realised how much i missed your diatribe until i actually read it again 🙂 Oh to be able to pen acerbic diatribe with careless wit and bored nonchalance. i’d pay for lessons!

    more to the point… u doing?

    i passed up A level English for Physics only bec of Chaucer’s unsurpassable ability to put me to sleep withing the first four and a half minutes, so stick to your roots and asked me as Sartre would have…….but then Sartre wouldn’t have cared 🙂

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