Horn Not Ok, Please

Human beings will soon be placed in the Pongid  rather than the Hominid category. Oh! wait, I hope no apes read this else I will be sued for defamation. No I didnt light a doobie with my morning coffee but this invective just might be an ill-conceived effort of a brain currently overdosing on assorted blends of nausea inducing fumes as result of my 45 minute traffic ordeal. The usual distance from home to work can be covered in 15 square minutes except that today it seemed like an entire century in a slow action replay. If the time factor didn’t  make me want to commit suicide, the ever-growing sparring between bikers, drivers and such definitely did. People or cattles on steroids ambling in a free for all zone? The city is driving itself over the edge. Believe you me! The humane aspect of the city has eroded and now it is slowly turning into a ghost town. The traffic is severe but no more than the mass attitude of easy mental mauling permeating the elabroate noise mesh of a hundred tootling vehicles. The violent streak in our collective behavior is suddenly more blaring than the hooting of the cars we drive. Since the decline of medieval era warfare, commuting seems to have become the new arena for displaying warrior-like skills. Jaywalkers- infantry, folks with cars-cavalry, trucks and larger vehicles- soldiers on elephants. An almost mirror image of a medicore north Indian Empire’s war techniques,led by a mentally challenged commander(traffic policemen?!), can now be seen on any average Bombay street. Darwinism be damned, this is evolution in reverse.


~ by iconoplastic on March 8, 2006.

2 Responses to “Horn Not Ok, Please”

  1. nice title to the post
    i can empathize…

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