Oscaring- Part 2(Revenge of the Argh)

Charlize Theron looks like candy wrapped for visitors at a funeral parlour or that creature from the Hooverphonic video. If she disappeared mysteriously post the show, probably that creature on her arm swallowed her.










Philip Seymour Hoffman walked in with a new virile strain of Polygala Virgata developed by a wired and colorblind botanist.


Now you know what to gift them for their wedding. A comb and some new satin bedsheets.

Keep Lauren Hutton in mind when buying that comb for Mr Burton and add some Maxfactor  gloss to the list.(Btw is it just me or is her chest more chocolatey than her face?)

And she was needs to be told that’s a pelvic decorative piece only for the bovine of the species and she is taking the old cow bit a little far.


I know that age and sight are inversely proportional and thats precisely why they invented glasses and light bulbs. Or maybe she participated in some reality-TV setup about old people applying makeup in the dark. “shudder*. And you thought Fear Factor was scary. Hah!

Ball gowns with front pockets. Jane Austen would be delirious with joy. Add to that some careful trimming with Larry King’s suspenders from 1979. Magnifique!       





~ by iconoplastic on March 6, 2006.

4 Responses to “Oscaring- Part 2(Revenge of the Argh)”

  1. YOu are killing me girl!
    Seriously you need to reconsider career options coz this suits you to T.

    p.s. : “this” = ripping people to shreds!!

  2. hahahaha awesome!
    i saw the whole thing too
    perfect waste of time

  3. 🙂

  4. very funny..u should have put in some stewart\’s jokes.
    were so not funny.(read boring)
    *straight face*

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