I almost forgot that they were doling out those shiny fawn men today till I switched on the T.V. in the morning amidst disastrous attempts to curl my locks. Of course I saw some of them actress girls and I realised that my attempts were superseded by theirs. Err, hair shouldn’t be bigger than the head and atleast mine didnt receive live coverage/world-viewing. Two things became evident, first that jewel tones are in and post the award show, so is Homosexuality and Politics.As usual, you watch the show keeping in mind that Oscars don’t represent the best in cinema by any stretch of imagination, it is and will always be a grown up prom. Also that this is an American Movie Award ceremony and it will be as objective as it gets. This year was better hosted and was attended by well dressed hordes(most of them). I watch Oscars for those offbeat speeches and Clooney was A-O-K. Crash won and I am happy. Its a rather simple movie and Americans are simple people. I would have been happier if Munich had walked away with some more of those naked knights. Brokeback had a couple of them(naked knights i.e.)in the movie and also walked away with some more albiet dead ones. No issues. I love the novella and Proulx. I was, perhaps, semi-elated at the myraid mosaic of final contenders. That was the actual prize. Stewart was I-crunch-steel-balls-to-gelatin funny. And it was precious morning time that could’ve been used for Yoga or bird watching or making a decent breakfast, well wasted  


~ by iconoplastic on March 6, 2006.

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