The Canadians have done it too

We’re a nation of minorities and in a nation of minorities you don’t cherry-pick rights.”  

They might not be able to really wear hot pants 10 mnths in a year but they are making progress in other arenas. Alright, before I deviate further, the controversial Bill C-38, the new law passed in accord with most the Liberals, the Bloc Québécois and the NDP, will now allow same sex couples to be married and live happily ever after unlike the two cowboys from Wyoming. This also would also rank Canada in the third place after Belgium and Netherlands to recognize and legalize same-sex marriages.


~ by iconoplastic on March 1, 2006.

3 Responses to “The Canadians have done it too”

  1. This is a strange issue… I’m not exactly sure where I stand on it. I’m not homophobic, and I don’t think that homosexuals should be discriminated against, but I think this issue goes deeper than that. What I don’t like is how homosexuals and activists label anyone who has any doubts about this “homophobes”, and “untolerant”. Part of democracy, after all is listening to both sides.

  2. Of course it goes deeper than that. Any issue about minority rights will always be. This is merely scratching at the surface. I dont label people, however I do wonder if its other people’s opinion or purely your own judgement that you are more concerned bout.
    Part of democracy is allowing peaceful co-habitation. Atleast thats what I hear them argue about.

  3. I am intrested in finding the truth, whatever that may be. My opinion is that both sides are probably right and wrong. My first comment seemed to be biased against gay rights activists, but I didn’t intend it to be. I don’t like or agree with the name calling and discrimination on both sides…

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