Dr Contextlove and other Kinks

I am an insufferable GTD dilettante  this is what I usually browse through/read at 6:00 am on most days. Its significance has increased manifold recently considering the sudden influx of new projects professionally and also the freelancing bit seems to have invoked the need for enumerating contexts is more accurate manner. Obtain the information from the expert. Here is Dr Contexlove’s prescription for loving iCal with reference to organizing contexts.The breaking out in terms of iCal groups.Case in point :

  • Real World – Primarily physical or location-based stuff (esentially: “non-computer” contexts)
  • Think – Brain work, decision-making, and creative stuff — which usually occurs in the proximity of a Mac, but absolutely does not have to.
  • Compute – Tasks that by their nature require direct computer interaction: this is the “@computer” uber-category
  • Real World
    • errands
    • chores
    • calls
    • read
  • Think
    • brainstorm
    • decide
    • research
    • schedule
    • write
  • Compute
    • desk
    • design & code
    • email
    • google
    • mac anyplace
    • print
    • web
    • monitoring
  • All data sourced from 43folders 




    ~ by iconoplastic on March 1, 2006.

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