Lithium for Medea

An incomparable author with a scathing approach to literature and a quest for re-defining the silhouette of female protagonists in the Novel, for more than 3 decades Kate Braverman has enthralled, outraged and redefined some of the most untouchable subjects in prose. She is out with a new book titled –Frantic Translations to and from Los Angeles: An accidental memoir.
Excerpts from her Bookslut interview.

On Avant-gardism in American literature and its conflict with structured realism in writing –
“Literature is an evolving form. The traditional regents of the critical apparatus stayed on about 10, 15 years too long, with an après moi, la deluge arrogant contempt.”

Advice for aspiring writers –
I advise channeling one’s creative impulses into newly evolving entertainment technologies. The page is its own kingdom, vast, mysterious and eccentrically indigenous. The seasons and climates, droughts and monsoons of the page have nothing to do with film or TV or theater. The fundamental lure of the page no longer resonates in this era. I read little work that must exist on the page, that understands the page is not a flat surface but three dimensional, like sculpture, and has a sound track, interior monologues, scents, textures, rhythms, cadence. Every word in every sentence must be arranged like offerings to a deity, with grace and deliberation.


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  1. hey cher,
    this is a great new page. the black earlier was a wee bit hard on de cataract eyes. 😉 hehehe… so, “offerings to a deity, with grace and deliberation”, eh?

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