Sweet Misanthropy-Part I

Performance Evaluation Meeting(1-2-1 with Anna aka my VP)
What would you like from the organization to help enhance your performance?
 Lithium, Speed, steroids?
Just your support and guidance, Sir.  
 We maast now start thinking about We, not You and I. You need to become a team player.
Can bitchslapping your superiors be the team sport and if yes then can WE bitchslap you from Sangil all the way to Shanghai coz that’s where you came from.
Of course, WE shall do it.(ill)  
 You are like, only playing tennis. You should play a team sport.
Sure, lets kickbox and WE can utilize your colossal paunch for target practice.
I will try.  
 You maast consider playing football. 
And you must consider wearing your pants a little below your neck, say your waist?? 
Innovation and responsibility are for other people.
 I agree.
I agree.  
 What is your opinion * about * me?
Poster child for vasectomy.
 I haven’t known you enough to have an opinion of you , Sir.(I managed one quasi-guileless reply).
 I am sure working with you will be an enriching experience. (Fuck it, I am a sellout)  


~ by iconoplastic on February 10, 2006.

3 Responses to “Sweet Misanthropy-Part I”

  1. *giggle*

  2. hahahahaha

  3. as-94783-sa

    great post, I couldnt have said it better!


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