Life and Death in the city of Dreams(and Demons)

Model/Actress hangs herself in her Juhu Apartment. I woke upto  this precise headline leaping out at my half-shut pupils at about 7:00 AM. The first thought- Another one bites the dust. The next thought- Why?    

This subject piques me immensely.Many views and viewpoints are floating in the air at this point in time. One school of thought iterates that single women in the city are increasingly falling prey to insurgent depression. True, perhaps. Its imperative to note that though Bombay would like to pride itself as the New York of India (ouch!), we have primarily only adopted the surface slickness and the perfunctory work culture of our American counterpart. There is more of that, sense of isolation and inescapable futility of living a boxed life than, perhaps the freedom to live on your terms.      Unlike the Big Apple we lack the resources to deal with the detrimental effects of leading a pressure cooker existence.  I have been battling bi-polar manic depression (level 2) for close to 8 years now and its been uncommonly difficult to find support groups or proficient therapists to help me with my situation. I don’t mean to doubt the crop of practicing shrinks but my personal experience with them has been less than peachy. As a single girl battling metropolitan insomnia and coping with the gratuitous strain of surviving in a city as a bizarre and brilliant as Bombay you do feel often feel extended pangs of alienation hitting you at mach speed and if left to your own devices that can lead to an inclination towards self-destruction. The autonomy of choice is like an energizer we overdose on ever frequently without examining its lengthy list of side –effects.  The newspapers are bleeding newsprint about how deliciously alluring an episode this is. As usual we are given to romanticizing tragedies than analyzing them and would rather speculate for pure gossip value. It’s a “celebrity death” and that’s precisely what the masses and unfortunately the media is obsessed with sans the  human value attached to it. Whatever the reason behind Randhawa’s suicide, paucity of love in her life or disenchantment with the cornucopia of a glamorous vocation, the fact  remains that it was avertable. Its avertable in most cases but we need to stop sensationalizing and start giving it a human face than making it into a pedestrian whodunit with some celebrity quotient thrown in for good measure.     



~ by iconoplastic on February 10, 2006.

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