The Real Sickness

An openly gay teacher was fired from his teaching job in Korea since his school feared a significant drop in the number of students once their parents realised the “truth”. On paper, the reason for dismissal is throat cancer, which of course he never had. Argh.
This might not be as shocking a news for the average Asian as it might be for a Westerner. The –isms in life persist despite the global effort to rid us of the rigorous compartmentalizing of people basis of color, caste, creed, race or sexual orientation. In Asia, more so in India, the moral policing is gaining momentum and also getting a more neanderthal regimen. About 3 – 4 years ago a lesbian couple in Banglore was burn alive inside a house for their “heinous” crime. What is so heinous about consenting adults choosing a certain way of living is beyond comprehension. Section- 377 of the Indian penal code labels homosexuality as an unnatural act. Pray who decided the course of nature! Culture vultures usually have a field day embowered by archaic laws. Its rather unfortunate that police, moral or otherwise can now use such ancient regulations to determine the choices of general public. Restroom policing is not uncommon whether California(remember George Michael?) or a train station in Mumbai. It would be comical if it wasn’t so downright ludicrous. Its even more unfortuante to view this in the light of the(lack of) current legal remedies in India vis-à-vis child molestation or abuse or the fact that such crimes often don’t even get to see any legal action at all. The aformentioned law is often cited as a measure for prosecuting child molesters and yet in about one and a half century of the Victorian law and more than quarter of a century since the British left us to our devices we havent developed any other concrete laws to protect our children from sexual predators  and continue to seek refuge in a non-functional and regressive piece of legislation.
Coming back to
the original story  Michael, the said teacher was conveniently “given” throat cancer by a local doctor, a cohort of the director of the school. The purpose of this unbelievably inhumane step is to avoid parental outrage over the layoff of a new teacher since the school had just hired him and it would be assumed the they were unable to find adequate teachers. So, this fabricated medical reason then served as handy ground for him getting fired. The homophobic angle to this story and the absymmal level to which people can reduce themselves, make me revolt. His crime was not that he was a luring young nubile boys to his bed or soliciting sexual services in the school but purely that he had highlights in his hair. This was enough for him to be handed the pink slip. The manner in which he was fired is even more nausea-inducing. The question is not whether this is an isolated incident but the mere fact that its so abutting for people to break laws and twist facts to preserve hollow and obsolete social(?!) dictats Also, the fact that we find it easier to segrate and separate than integrate those who don’t fit the bill as decided by us. Whats scarier is that this could have and perhaps is happening in most neighborhoods across Asia(and the world) and that such inexcusable fascism is slowly spreading its poisonous roots at mach speed.

Whatever happened to acceptance?


~ by iconoplastic on February 9, 2006.

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